Pignon, Haiti

Want to make God real in a broken world? Then come to Haiti with us! Tim Van Maanen is leading a Third Church mission trip to Haiti with Many Hands for Haiti November 6-15. We will build, pray, paint, sing, laugh, cry and love with our brothers and sisters in Christ. No particular skill is necessary, just a heart to help God’s people. Contact Tim Van Maanen directly at timvanmaanen@gmail.com or by cell: 641-780-6366.

We also have many volunteer needs. Contact Tim Brand, Executive Leader, to find out the best place for you to volunteer based upon your skills. Email address is tbrand@mh4h.org.

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Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere and has recently been hit hard by a major earthquake, numerous hurricanes and a cholera epidemic. Travel with a group from Iowa to serve in the mission hospital, do light construction, work with the scholarship students for the HELP (Haitian Education and Literacy Program) in Pignon and help with the construction of the new Pella Christian School. You will have the opportunity to experience a third world market, The River, visit an orphanage, pray with patients at the hospital, attend a Haitian church service and by your presence, bring hope and light to this region of the world.

Working with Christian Mission of Pignon and a four-fold focus:

1. Enable Haitians to develop self-sustaining agriculture through

Clean water program
Goat program
Farming program

2. Improve healthcare through

Sending surgical, doctor, dental and eye care teams
Continue making improvements to the hospital complex

3. Establish Christian schools in the rural areas

Increase literacy rate
Fund and scholarship students to attend schools
Create and distribute Bible curriculum for schools
Establish agricultural centers and clean water wells at each school site

4. Greater Pignon area mission initiatives

Hope for Haiti Orphanage
“Seminary” for future pastors